Sunday 8 May … Sant Feliu to Girona

Are you sure we’re in Spain?

It’s Mothers’ Day in Australia, the kids have already sent messages as I wake up.  We have a buffet breakfast which is more than adequate – bacon, eggs, croissant, meats and cheese… all what a good breakfast can take. 

Sant Feliu seems rather quiet as we leave headed for the Verde ‘green’ route to Girona.  Leaving the coast, we head inland… it is an old narrow gauge train track, now a cycle and walking trail. 

A different genre of cyclists today, the trails attracts families on mountain bikes, a combination of all ages and lots of electric bikes.

The compacted surface made easy riding.  We pass by farmland growing grain, bushland … are you sure we are in Spain … these are our thoughts as we see the yellow flowering low shrubs, and gumtrees they look like stringy barks and white gums.  Should we on the watch for kangaroos?  The sight of a castle in a small towns brings me back to reality. 

As we stop for a drink break a man with very good English warns us that there should be a little bit of rain between 12 and 2pm.  Sure enough just after midday there is a rumbling in the sky and a few drops of rain …nothing to consider a rain jacket.

It’s a nice easy ride in the country and soon we reach Girona … there seems to be congestion ahead … Girona is having a Flower Show … garmin didn’t factor this in when taking a tourist route through the Old Town.  People everywhere … the shops are decorated in flowers, there are some flower exhibitions indicative of a competition, we weave through the maze of alleys following our garmin’s route walking our bikes it’s slow going as we wait for people to take their perfect photo opportunity with flower arrangements in their background.

We finally leave the Old Town and head to our hotel. Return to the old town some 3km and a lovely lunch.

We are looking forward to discovering more of the city tomorrow … we learn that the final of Madrid Open tennis is tonight so happy to watch it in our room and see the young Spaniard take home the trophy.


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