Saturday 7 May … Calella to Sant Feliu

It will be just like climbing Welshpool Road … haha how long since he’s been up there … Years!!

The day started with a buffet breakfast; Johnny was in his element – bacon and eggs, toast, coffee.  Be careful – we have lots of climbs today!

We set off along the beach path … it’s Saturday … a group of possible triathletes are gathered in their tri gear …markers along the path.

We pass many beach communities, the shops are displaying everything from buckets and spades, inflatable beach products to beach clothing… a feeling of a great tourist season after a 2 year drought due to Covid.

The beach paths are filling up with walkers of all ages enjoying the lovely morning … others are laden with beach chairs etc … a day of lazing on the beach for them. A photo shoot is about to take place on a group of rocks by the sea … photographer, light umbrella and a stunning couple dressed in speedos and bikini … it has to be for a body building or gym pic … they are muscle bound.

There are no signs of covid apart from hand sanitisers strategically placed at entrances to shops and cafes, the occasional mask signage at entrances to some places.

The sea meets the hills; the remainder of our ride is skirting around hills up and down.

Around lunch time we cycle into the lovely seaside town of Tossa de Mar. Down a hill then headed to the sea and there to the right was a magnificent castle. The beach was busy on such a lovely day so was the numerous cafe’s. Ticket sellers on the beach selling tours for a glass bottom boat that ventures 6km north to visit caves and view the underwater life. We venture part of the way up the path to the castle and have great views.

The rest of the day was a series of climbs rewarded with spectacular views. Those who were not at the beach today were out on their road bikes. Our Australian flag on the back of our bikes paid off today as we were a bit of a hit to the many group cyclists passing us saying hello and urging is on.

We met a Canadian with his 9yo daughter touring with tent headed to Maiseille… another man from The Netherlands on bike … common denominator was they were able to working remotely; sick of being locked down for the last 2 years. We also met a guy from Florida the other day who is ‘working from home’ and his colleagues think he IS at home … the new World!!!

So here we are in Sant Feliu a nice seaside town with narrow streets … a walk around another castle in sight … it was actually a monastery in it’s day now a museum and tourist information office.

On the street out the front of our hotel is a wine tasting festival of local wines … wine not! I taste several rose’… very nice. We have a good recommendation for paella from the hotelier … a place called Hot Dog … he said don’t be put off by the name. The paella was up to expectation we were even able to see the Alcarez win the Madrid Open.

John thinks we are ready for anything after today’s ride.


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