Saturday 14 May … Sitges to Tarragona

When is lunch not lunch …

Very sad to leave Sitges this morning … it deserves more than a one night stay … breakfast at a local bakery. Leaving Sitges we head around a few hills away from the coast … garmin is talking to me today, it was a Bluetooth problem … along the back of town we see 8 paddel ball courts … it must be pennants day as all players appear to be warming up … then onto the green path; a nice break from the coast that lead us on backroads alongside vineyards and olive groves. One and a half hours later we eventually come to the beach … it is Saturday at 11.30am the beaches are filling up with sunbathers, kids playing racket ball, beach umbrellas speckled through the sand. As we get closer to the town centre the cafe’s and restaurants are getting ready for today’s trading. It’s getting busy as we weave through the walkers on the wide promenade … we get some funny looks … not sure if we are not welcome on bikes or we just look strange with our laden bike in this area.

The wide beaches are set up for beach volleyball, seniors playing bocce. It’s a family affair at the beach today.

Back on the green path and then on the main road for a while, John is getting hungry so made a quick decision and said ‘this corner’ at about 2.30pm … we saw a menu, ordered a beer each … it was going down well then we asked if we could order … ‘sorry no menu’. Ummm … off we go to somewhere else … some tapas – squid and patatas bravos … and a beer! Back on our bikes … 20km to go and hoping we didn’t fall off … some hills coming up and once again towards the coast for beautiful beaches and long promenades … I still haven’t got my feet wet. We are too far from the beach today but maybe tomorrow.

Strange what you eat on holidays … tonight a lovely pizza … the waiter was from Rome and very proud that we chose his favourite topping … also we were talked into a typical Italian dessert.


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