Sunday 15 May … la Canonja to l’Ametlla de Mar

You won’t get there if you keep taking photos ….

First up, on the road before we get to the coast, it is Sunday and the roads are quiet at 9am as we leave, in the distance we see some strange arrangements of metal structures … closer on we see it is an adventure park … it must opening soon as we see families head in that direction while we head to the beach. I take a pic of the deserted restaurants and stalls soon to be opening. An English couple tell me I’ll never get there if I keep taking photos … they are here for 3 days from London … they come a couple of times a year … it’s cheaper than going ‘down south’ why wouldn’t you.

The promenade is wide and the beaches have a scattering of beach goers baking in the morning sun. There are lots of street sellers with fully laden trolleys vying for their spot to set up their pavement stalls. From handbags, shoes, beach umbrellas to hairbraiding. We are lucky today it is early enough to avoid too many people … mainly joggers and walkers keeping to the walking path. We, on the other hand have a dedicated cycle path along side. We stop to get some air for my very very slow leak 0.50€ per tyre … tomorrow I won’t forget to check. John says it keeps getting better as we near to the mountains in the background.

1 hour on the beaches, a nice conversation with a German man also cycling it’s his place to be at least once a year. Then the road and green path along olives groves; a nice mix today, then on the road and a real miss mash of bumps and hilly … we leave the apartments for a while as a large stretch of national parks take up the coast a 2km climb (it was called a ‘Coll’ so I guess it’s classified as a mountain) then the suburbs of single storey housing. We ride through the fishing village before we are at our destination at 2.15pm … John got a good deal at a resort. Wow … I’m not sure what the reception staff thought when we rocked up looking bedraggled.

A shower then into the town a 20 min walk for lunch … tapas of grilled sardines, fried squid and patatas bravos.

The town is very quiet being a Sunday. There is more action at the resort … families and bus groups are checking in … 3 pools surrounded by sunbathers. I was determined to put my foot in the sea … so went for a swim in the hotels private beach then finished off in the pool.

A lovely relaxing afternoon … buffet dinner at the resort … we well and truly get our 17€ worth of the buffet.

It’s BINGO night 9.30pm we are in the bar area … all the oldies are grouped up at tables enjoying the commentary of the bingo caller … we were offered a ticket … he calls it out in Spanish … no chance. The crowd are going wild … heavens knows what is going on apart from number calling … haha.

Side note:

  • There is no bad coffee in Spain … lovely coffee here
  • The Aussie government must have done some serious work overseas; everyone we talk to know Australia is open and we were locked up for 2 and a half years …

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