Tuesday 17 May … Vinaros

I’m so happy, I haven’t seen an Australian for over 2 years …

No cycling required … a walk along the promenade … the beach has just had the tractor through so the sand is all smooth ready for the first sun lovers. It’s a bit hazy on the horizon, no breeze … looking good to be a perfect day if not a little warm until the breeze comes in.

The tourist office is open at 9.45am earlier than the advertised time of 10am … that suits us. The assistant was so excited that we were from Australia … ‘I haven’t seen any Australians for over 2 years’ she was very helpful and we walked away with maps of the local attractions and recommendations for the next days ahead.

Today couldn’t possibly be without the bikes all day … a short climb to a Catholic temple ‘Hermitage of Our Lady of Mercy’ notwithstanding it was sitting on the highest point of a hill A great cycle path all the way. With views of orange orchards, olive groves and market gardens. Although there was a bit of haze, the coast was visible. The return trip was a quick downhill.

Off to visit the bull ring, originally wooden … building started in 1863 and it was inaugurated in 1867; it’s last renovation was 2003 as it stands today. It is now used for events.

We have just about exhausted the tour maps of things to see, time for a swim at the beach, the water was cool, clean and refreshing.


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