Monday 16 May … l’Ametlla de Mar to Vinaros

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Sue: about the ride tomorrow … I don’t want to do those hills but Komoot says

The breakfast was buffet style and we overdid it again. Everything imaginable for breakfast.

6km into today’s ride and it was time to do a reconnaissance of the track before us … a hiking track yes but not for our tourers. The first obstacle was walking the bikes down over a crevice … John nearly lost himself and his bike. Then a rough hiking track towards a beach. Off came the panniers and we both carried the bikes over tree roots and the rough path. Panniers on and down the track to a road … there was no opportunity to take pics as we were both taken up with the lifting. The hard part is not over … a very steep hill which had to be walked up. We are happy that is over … it’s warming up today and only about 11am.

Soon were at a small fishing village … it’s a Monday there are not many people around … we are out of the tourist area and in low density housing … possibly holiday houses. Diverting away from the coast as we approach a very flat agricultural area. Phew!!!! the unforgettable smell of ‘dynamic lifter’ fills the air … sure enough there is a tractor spilling some sort of manure on a paddock. This area is known as the Ebro Delta (Ebro del Delta); we are riding through large sectioned areas some are dry some are filled with water … a bit like a rice paddy. Canals irrigate the paddocks. Closer to the coast it is a nature reserve. Given that we live in Ebro Way, we are interested in the name … Ebro is the English translation and Ebre is the Spanish … we are glad that is sorted … some confusion when searching on google.

We travel over the Rui Ebre (Ebro River) Bridge, a very narrow walking path … very tricky to navigate the fully laden bikes … we can’t look around … we may go into the side of the bridge rails..

Heading to the coast along a canal into a decent head wind … not nice. We reach the coast to find another marina, have a beer at a little beachside drink stop … the owner in his broken English gave us the impression that the beaches in Vinaros were ‘different’ … umm … had we made the right decision to stay there 2 nights?

Heading coastal: on the left beaches and on the right market gardens. An unfenced orange orchard … John is in his element taking some oranges that had fallen from the trees, the thought of getting a bargain ;). We were soon in Vinaros at our accommodation. The old town is beautiful and beaches lovely the promenade is super wide and very attractive. A G&T at a beachside bar was welcome.

A nice dinner alfresco style and walk around the attractive lit up streets.


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