Thursday 26 May … Alicante

It’s easier on the bike” …

A bit of a planning today. A trip to the rail station with many questions, tourist office and bus station. While waiting in the queue John shakes his head ‘like he does’ and says ‘its easier on a bike!’ We are doing a little bus/train hopping to avoid too many hills and to fast track.

John is extremely happy with a map of Spain and Portugal he bought today. He claims it has paid for itself already with planning our way to Granada.

Lots of huge ficis trees around the squares here.

Half a day gone but lovely weather to walk through the streets. Our next feat is the hill … of course there is a castle on top of every significant hill. The long walk in switchbacks is shared by others, I’m so glad this is not the tourist high season, there are many optional paths to walk.

As expected the views again are spectacular, the sky and sea are an amazing blue … a cool breeze welcoming. 360° vistas of the city and hills afar.

We are hanging in the balance today … I had a ‘thought’ there is an island off the coast that I have read about. ‘John, consider this … we stay another night and go to Tabarca Island for the day?’ We investigate options at the marina, we can hire snorkels and fins.

Oh dear the hotel is fully booked … sad face … however they will see if there are any cancellations by tomorrow. We go out to get a meal and they tell us there has been a cancellation,we can stay an extra night in a different room. Weekends are always a problem. I hope it is worth it. My chance to get a good look at the Mediterranean.

I did make it to Spain … John showing his photographic talent.


2 thoughts on “Thursday 26 May … Alicante

  1. Love following you. The pics are amazing 😁 Wish commenting was as easy as facebook with a ‘like 👍 ‘ 🤣


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