Friday 27 May … Alicante (day at Tabarca Island)

A day at Rotto?? … sunseeking and snorkelling

An easy start and changed rooms in the hotel … wow looks like an upgrade, looks like the honeymoon suite.

11am departure from only 500m from the hotel. Be there 30min before … the ticket lady said yesterday … OMG there must be a school group … I hope we can get on!  People everywhere at this small one person ticket office.  Rushing to beat the school group I join a line … ‘are you in the line?’ ‘No’ he says, I feel I’ve pushed in but nobody says anything so maybe not.  Tickets purchased and hire of fins and snorkel and directions to the ferry.  The school kids must have rented their own ferry.  One poor kid is in tears … maybe he left something behind? His parents forgot to sign the form?  I watch eagerly; upset for him … all good he gets aboard. 

Tabarca has a chequered past as being a refuse for Barbary pirates up to the end of the 18th century and used as a base for raids on the Levantine coast. But today it is a protected marine reserve, declared in 1986 the first of its kind in Spain.

Lovely little bays plenty of room for the day trippers to get wet. The village at the other end with bars, restaurants, hotels and houses. Lovely views of the mainland. A bar is advertising 3€ beer and tapas … yes please patatas bravas at first then fried sardines. Almost time to board the ferry at 4.30pm … ‘Good choice Susie’ says John.

Our evening meal is across the road … an Indian Restaurant … delicious meal. Tomorrow off by train to Murcia … we can’t pre purchase tickets they only sell up to 2hrs before departure, we are assured that 30 minutes before would be okay with the bikes. We did a reconnaissance at the station today. The Spanish are like the Germans they call a shovel a spade … love them!!

It’s Friday night the bars are full, lots of people around. Below us is a bar I can see it is going to be a very late night for the folk in Alicante.


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