Thursday 2 June … Granada

Granada …granduer, grand, grander ...

We have had the last 2 nights here in Granada, not long enough to explore the entire city but long enough for us. There are only so many churches etc you can visit (or I want to visit). It was quite hot when we got here on Tuesday; Wednesday was also hot. It’s nice to stroll around the narrow streets, shaded by the tall building and come across little bars and restaurants; at one stage I thought I was in Morocco, the restaurants all offering tagines, shops selling Moroccan style clothing, tablecloths etc

Last night we went to a flamenco show which was great, we didn’t get back until after midnight, I hope I didn’t wake the ‘neighbours’ while practising my flamenco moves. I thought HIIT step at the gym was hard. The energy consumed in the dancers.

Today was a perfect day, a little cloud cover, we did a guided tour of the Alhambra, one of the most visited places in Spain, and a UNESCO site. The tour took 3 hours, ‘3 hours’, I thought … ‘that’s a long time’ …well our heads were saturated with culture and history from a young guy who has a history degree and has been visiting the Alhambra since birth …he was so passionate; of course he was … he lives it!!

It’s hard to describe the gardens so manicured, jasmine is prevalent on walls the scent wafting in the air . A combination of Christian and Muslim architecture, simply awe-inspiring. Our guide could not stress enough the importance of water; fountains everywhere important for the hot summers, peace and tranquillity.

… and the beauty still goes on … on our way out (we are near the University precinct) we have heard stringed instruments rehearsing over the last few days at an auditorium) today however as we head out past the auditorium we poke our head into the quadrangle of the building and see a stringed orchestra and opera singer … goosebumps stuff.

Further on we discover the Bib-Rambla area, tiny alleys full of shops … the Plaza full of restaurants. We have a bite to eat and sap in the atmosphere.

Yes … there is possibly bucket loads more to see but we must move on tomorrow.


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