Friday 3 June … Malaga

John’s breakfast request had the shop owner and his staff laughing … but why? We soon found out. A sweet sugar coated pastry toasted with ham. It’s about time he learned to ask for a tostada with jamon. Luckily my request is usually a plain croissant. I judge the cafe’s by the croissants … if they have sugar on top it’s a no go. So far croissants have been 99% 5/5.

It’s so good when you have a clean out of your maps, old tickets etc, then John said as we are about to leave … ‘okay got the tickets?’ Oops … in the bin … lucky me!!! as I retrieve the bus tickets for Malaga … whew that could have been ugly!!

We are getting good at wrapping the bikes ready for bus travel. A great bus trip to Malaga and feeling glad we weren’t climbing the mountains. The country was picturesque it would have been nice to tackle the ride but we do have to get to Portugal some time. The mountains were a mass of olive groves all in their neat rows spread for kilometres. Weaving through the valleys numerous crops, grain and asparagus. Such pretty countryside.

Into Malaga by midday and a short 1.5km ride to the hotel situated just near the old town. We are fresh and off exploring map in hand with a list of monuments to find. First up the food market … I love browsing through these … we are back on the coast so seafood is a big seller here. We buy a cone full of cherries 1.80€ delicious as we walk and munch, crisp and sweet. A little later a Caesar salad and fried calamari … I love the way they say ‘calamaris’. … and a beer.

The old town is easy to get around and appears to be ‘new’ in comparison to Granada, cleanly painted buildings amongst the old, little alleys with tables and chairs outside cafes and restaurants. We see the Roman Theatre at the foot of the Alcazaba fortress. The Roman theatre is the oldest monument in Malaga City, I thought it looked special … John was not Inspired!! The Alcazaba towers above … that’s a tomorrow morning job says John.

We meander through lovely gardens towards the port. That’s given us ideas for tomorrow … watching the French Open to see Zverev Vs Nadal in a terrible catastrophe for Zverev.

We had a lovely dinner in the old town … Ican see the chef was passionate about his food so was the wait staff. Grilled tuna with salad was the special tonight … yes please … the wine when down equally as good. On paying a shot of some Spanish liqueur sealed the deal. It’s lovely roaming back through the wide mall, the shiny paving reflective in the street lights and shop windows. Great for pics.


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