Sunday 5 June … Malaga

John has finally worked out how the key card works on our door … time to move on .. 😉

Not bad for a Sunday … up for an early start to go to the castle (Castillo de Gibralfaro) and the Alcazaba. The streets were not too busy this morning as we walked through the Old Town for breakfast … not as much to choose from today, the markets are closed and things are looking a little quiet at 8.45am. We make our way to the start of our climb to the castle. A lot of museums and entries are free on Sunday … we soon learn that is from 2pm. The top is a good 20 minutes steep walk, we pay our money and adventure around the castle wall, still intact and the internal grounds. There is an audio available however we don’t have mobile coverage just wifi which isn’t provided on this site. Note to Self!! So while others are stopped listening to the audio … we just walk on as though we know it all. Now when the grandies build block castles we will show them to make room for the internal grounds.

It’s not all about the castle either, we are very high up and as expected the view is amazing 360° views of the port, beaches where we rode yesterday, the city and the mountains. The cathedral looks minuscule.

Back down the hill towards the Alcazaba, again audio tour if we had mobile coverage, however our complete history lesson in Granada paid off as we see similar shapes, columns, ceilings, water fountains as the Alhambra and we can relate. We can appreciate that the Alhambra in Granada is the best preserved in Spain and UNESCO listed.

The cathedral is chiming and it’s coming towards midday, the bars are busy it’s quite hot, however the malls are half shaded by the buildings and the marble paving is cool. A group of teens with beach towels slung over their shoulders carrying beach umbrellas off to the beach … it’s not far although the sea breeze is in … that doesn’t stop the Spaniards.

We watch the mens final of French Open. Nadal is too good for Ruud however such a nice guy … looking forward to seeing more of him in future tennis. We have just about exhausted our adventures of Malaga and off tomorrow on the bus.

A lovely meal at the Recycle Bike Cafe … it just hit the spot.


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