Saturday 4 June … Malaga

Food glorious food …

The day started with a trip to the markets for cherries, munching as we walked finding a place for breakfast.  It didn’t take long; few steps as we saw a cafe full of tables spreading up the alleys, waiters toing and froing serving, taking orders and delivering churros … yes for breakfast. This looks like the place to be so we found a table and watched the staff hard working to satisfy their clientele.

Meanwhile John has learned to order a ‘tostada’ … ham and cheese.  The coffee is the usual high standard for Spain.  Plates upon plates of churros are distributed to the tables. I order 4 churros and chocolate. One of those things like fish and chips that you only have a couple of times a year. They are delicious as is the chocolate sauce. The bill was 4 x churros 0.50€ chocolate sauce 2.50€ … bargain.

A clear day, we get the bikes and set off along the port to the beaches … where does the day go it’s approaching midday. The port has an array of shops and lots of restaurants , however on the seaside of the spit is the beaches are enjoyed by many, beach umbrellas and chairs are on the dark sand, people swimming, a breeze keeps us cool and doesn’t hinder the beach goers. A lot of foot traffic as we weave through the continual beaches on the path.

The smell of barbecues fills the air, we are approaching the beachside bars/restaurants called Chiringuitos, this is something we had to try. The man at the tourist advised to try some at a nearby fishing village about 3km from the centre. Sure enough we came to Pedregalejo, a small beach and lively with sunseekers and people enjoying a drink. Small barbecues are alight … it’s about 1.30pm .. we are early for the Spanish; their lunch is around 3pm, so first cab off the rank and we have ordered 2 x espetos de sardines (barbecued sardines on a skewer) I looked totally touristy as I took pics of the process. The sardines arrived and were delicious along with a salad and fried calamari.

The sea breeze is quite strong but it doesn’t stop the tanning process for those on the beach as more people come with chairs and towels.

What a lovely atmosphere as we ride back to the city centre. Much better by bike.

Its 6pm the sun is still high I do a double take on the time; we wander through the endless malls and shopping areas … the shops are still open and bars and cafes are full … it’s quite a few hours before it gets dark.


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