Saturday 11 June … Seville to Huelva by bus

Transformation …

It’s Saturday, stepping out the hotel into the Cafe chairs only steps away under the trees … what a life!  Apparently the hotel was originally a private mansion in the 19th century. 

A slight cool breeze, very quiet at 9.30am, I was told yesterday that Seville has long days, they take advantage to escape the heat so night time is more active into the wee hours  … we are adjusting slowly.  The Saturday markets are just setting up.   Elsewhere in Europe the markets are in full swing with sellers and buyers at this time. A 42C day and 44C for next 3 days … in the heat of summer here it is typically 50C+ … ouch.  Reason for moving on to the coast.  Lots more to see but little towns tick my boxes.

The bus is full, looks like people going to the coast for the weekend … the autovia is also busy …it’s a direct highway to Huelva, a nice drive through the country lots olive groves, vineyards, almonds and sunflowers.  No milk run today.

I’m playing spotto today from the , on the lookout for Toyota CH-R they are very popular here in Spain they are all the hybrid models …Rav4 hybrid are also around. John points out a stork nest on a big power pole … then more we spot at least 20 nests now it’s spotto for storks.

We are soon at Huelva and unwrapped the bikes … we keep the travellers amused for at least 10 minutes seeing us wrap or unwrap the bikes.  We have time to have a quick beer and tapas outside the markets.  Less is more, a paella and croquettes … sufficient.  They have the spray mist jets keeping things cool.

We have booked a room in an apartment … never again … trying make contact with landlord … we had half the neighbourhood involved … well … 3 obliging men … a fruiterer in a shop and two others … plus google translate.  A frustrating time and we are very apologic 45 minutes later we are in the room.  This will be an interesting review.

What does this place offer … we go down to the riverside … lovely manicured lawns by a wide paved promenade, great cycle path along the river also a board walk. A long covered wooden jetty. The Rio Tinto Pier (Spanish: Muelle de Rio Tinto) was a commercial pier formerly used for the trade of material from the mines of the Rio Tinto Company in Andalusia, Spain. It is situated on the River Odiel in the city of Huelva. An estimated 150 million tons of ore were shipped from the pier over its life. Closed in 1975, it is now a popular tourist attraction and fishing spot. The pier is 1165 meters long, although part of that is built on reclaimed marshland. Not a person in sight!!

Except for some fishers Huelva is deserted, we ride through some streets, shop are closed, tables and chairs are out, where are the people. It’s hot but not that hot, back for a siesta and admin … we emerge into the streets at 8pm, I map a restaurant I found with a good review on google, a little despondent we start a walk straight down the road only minutes away. People are one the move, bars are starting to show signs of life, the shopping malls are alive and vibrant. So many bars and restaurants the transformation since earlier today or did we just not see this part of the city. We had a lovely meal, staff were very friendly and restored my faith in this town.


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