Sunday 12 June … Huelva to Ayamonte

What a great day; what a great 6 weeks; adios Spain, grassy arse

A nice ride today, a mix of tracks and road. We passed through lots of orange orchards and olive groves over rolling hills. Even a crop of sunflowers, one was open. Strawberries were even amongst the fruit bowl. Ayamonte was an easy 60km, weather warm but not scorching.

Passing through the little town of Lepe, John says, ‘do you want a cool drink or something.’ … it was 11.40am a beer later and a hand full of olives … we are acting like locals.

We are staying at a hotel on a golf course today, the room is lovely, a nice pool, what more could a girl ask for. The pool is refreshing … do we take the afternoon off and relax? Of course not, there are things to see. We are on an island … sort of the river and the sea and a bridge over.

With map in hand we go exploring on our bikes to the beach at 5pm. We are surprised at the number of beachgoers and swimmers. The beach is sandy, our bikes are the star attraction as we ride along the beach. Then up on the bikes path to the end where the river joins the sea, passing through upper end hotels.

A small marina and fishing village. It’s 9pm we stay and have a local type of paella ‘arroz de marisco’ delicious. a seafood broth rice, John was most impressed. That’s enough for the day, we head home at 9.30pm and sneak in another swim.


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