Thursday 16 June … Lagos (still here)

I think we’ve hit the jackpot

A lovely day in Lagos, the thunder is still rumbling and it’s trying to rain but only a few spots now and again then more rumbling and spots until about 1pm. Fortunately it didn’t stop us from adventuring off on our bikes to the Ponta da Piedade (we are thankful for our bikes daily) a long 2km walk for some a 5 minute job for us. Securely locked to a post and off exploring we go … John immediately apart from ‘wow’, said, ‘we made the right decision’ that was to stay 2 extra nights.

The rugged limestone coastline is a sight to see. Caves and grottos seen from ground level is amazing. There are stairs down to the sea level which we climb. Endless walking tracks and boardwalks give us amazing views of the coastline in both directions. We climb down to Camilo Beach thankful it is not high season, there are a few people here on the small beach, the water is crystal clear as well as very calm seas, we see boats and kayaks here on tours discovering the beauty on the water.

We leave this wonderland and now the sky has cleared we go to another beach past the marina, no cliffs, lovely long sandy beach, it’s time I tested the water, ‘It’s colder than Perth’, John says, ‘yes I did my research only a couple of degrees’ it’s very refreshing and I’m able to stay in the water for a long time … so it ticks my box for being a good temperature. The beach is the best I’ve see so far on this holiday … tick, tick, tick.



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