Friday 17 June … Lagos

We set off today to the markets, fish on the ground floor and a small amount of fruit and vegetables, nuts and spices on the first floor. Not a regular busy local market like we expected … I would think that the main population here is tourism. A restaurant van is parked outside loading polystyrene boxes of fish … that is the menu for today.

We are booked on a boat/kayak tour today. A lovely clear day, perfect for kayaking. The boat takes to the Ponta da Piedade where we walked yesterday. Now we are at sea level kayaking around the protruding rocks through caves and grottos. The cliffs are way above and we see the minuscule people above as they wander on the trails and boardwalks. We pass a couple of beaches, it’s hotter today and the tiny cove beaches are very popular. The water is crystal clear and swimmers are amongst the water traffic close to the shore. Amongst the sea traffic are other kayakers, large catamarans, and boats. After an hour we paddle back to the boat and enjoy a swim and jump off the top of the boat.

A nice way to finish our time in Lagos and tomorrow we will fast track to Lisbon by bus.


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