Sunday 26 June … Porto to Pinhao

The streets are empty as we leave the hotel at 7.30am … any sign of getting a coffee is in our dreams.  It’s all downhill so we are there in about 10 minutes.

The train strike is over,  at least for today anyway.  More people at stations looking confident.  At the station to get the 8.20am train. There is also a 9.20am train in case there are too many bikes.  Oh no! … another bike on the platform … eeekk!!  The German man is catching the same train.  We are in luck the train has a proper bike area for 12 bikes.  It’s another clear morning, the sun is shining on the hills with terraced vineyards, it’s great to be out of the city.

A lovely train ride to Pinhao, and then off on a hike up the hills through the vineyards with amazing views. I’m so glad we didn’t bring the bikes, some very steep hills. A visit to the Olive Oil Museum for a tour, Tapas and wine, the setting … you guessed it … vineyards and the river … it is so quiet and peaceful. The trek down with a bottle of rosè in my backpack, talking to some French and Norwegian people.

Lovely people at the hostel, a guy from Malaysia and 2 from Germany


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