Monday 27 June … Pinhao

The river is so small … he said as we climbed a huge hill …

A rush to get out of the door today … we are getting the train from Pinhao to Pochino. Choo,a Malaysian man is with us.  No other bikes on the train … we are safe as only 2 bikes allowed… what a great trip breathtaking scenery of the vineyards and river.  From Tua the landscape changed to more natural bush and large rocks meeting the river.   Pochino is a short 15 minute wait for the return journey … another bike … nice conductor 3 bikes allowed today.  We get off at Tua and ride back … we are going on the route we took a few days ago but not taking a wrong turn this time.  Choo is on foot and confident to do the 20km.

We see where we went wrong before … there is a cobblestone path that leads through the terraced vineyards it’s very steep and we have to walk the bikes for about 3km … the 6km climb had amazing views of the river and vines. Around the hill and to the top is a little village. We are on proper roads now and go through several small villages that look familiar … yes we came by this way before as I remember some more unrelenting climbs before a long descent into Pinhao.

It’s 3pm and we are too late for lunch at a Cafe … a trip to the butcher … ham, bread and cheese, a tomato from the supermarket. Back to the garden on top of the backpackers, sitting under the orange tree looking across a terraced hill with vines, way below is the Pinhao River. What more can I ask for.

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