Tuesday 28 June … Pinhao to Vila Nova de Foz Coa

After a second 2 night stay in the backpacker’s in Pinhao we must move on … we have had such a great time in Pinhao and met some lovely people there, Pedro and Sara are amazing hosts.

Taking it easy today and enjoying another train ride to Pochino hugging the Douro River, it’s very peaceful and relaxing … John nodding off … he’s relaxed. We see 3 riverboats, and some Rabolas … we are approaching the busy tourist season.

Off the train we head towards Vila Nova de Foz Coa, immediately we are climbing, it’s only 8km but the climb is steady and unrelenting. It’s very dry and hot, we stopped for a photo and drink in the shade of a gum tree. There is a village on hills to my right … I’m hoping that is not our destination. Around the hill and we are there. Ummm … it wasn’t exactly taking it easy!

We couldn’t check in to the hostel until 6pm. We drop off panniers and venture into centro … a very clean town and streets, nice gardens in houses. A pedestrian mall with several restaurants and cafes. We rode through the old town … very picturesque.

A claim to fame is the Coa Museum and Rock Art sites of the Coa Valley dating back 20,000 years, and the region is twice a UNESCO listed heritage sites for Pre-Columbian Art history and the Douro Landscape.


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