Wednesday 6 July … Ponte de Sor to Coruche

Oops … I don’t think I mapped from hotel to hotel’, she says as they struggle up a hill towards the castle in the heat and following garmin … she has stuffed up …

A soupy morning, it’s quite foggy and low cloud cover, such a shame as we are riding along a river/lake system on our left and cork on the right.  We are going through the kilometres quite quickly, a brief stop at a fruit stall, fresh local fruit cherries, melons of several varieties … we settle for peaches and plums and a local cheese.  The lady gives us a slice of melon … yum so juicy.

We divert off the road to avoid the trucks onto a EuroVelo, I’ve done some research and it’s a fast hard packed surface with some areas of sand. A great diversion, all shades of green. A canal from the dammed lake/river provides irrigation for the crops in the plain.  We are riding through rice and corn fields.  A lovely quiet ride then onto a red bike path into Coruche.

It’s become very hot, the tourist office lady suggested a few sights in this little town, the castle was one … no … too hot.  The river is a lovely alternative, a simple ride on the path on both banks, a lone swimmer, a Canadian canoe, a little further is a pseudo beach with permanent umbrellas and a beach patrol, a few people around.  Tomorrow is expected to be 41C I’m sure there will be activity in the river.

I write today from the balcony of the  Casa where we are staying, 9pm it’s cooled down and I can see the river, people enjoying the drop in temperature as they take an evening stroll .., it’s not dark yet. I join them for some pics of the river. A lovely way to end a country stay before we hit Lisbon tomorrow.

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