Thursday 7 July … Coruche to Lisbon

A nice little town, rich in corn, rice, farming and cork.

It’s 9am and it seems hot already it’s going to hit 40C today … we are on our way to the bus station, riding along the river, a couple of fishers look like they are set up for the day. The excited screams of kids as they play under water fountains, it looks like a school holiday program. Kids also at the beach under the shelters they are in for a treat today as the temperature climbs.

We are on the milk run on the bus which is good; seeing the little country towns. I’m amazed at the expanse of the rice growing areas.

Back in Lisbon, we chose a hotel with a pool, glad we did, we hit the town running and got our bike boxes within hours of checking in, a 6km return walk at 36C …the pool came in handy.

From the hotel window I look out to the Águas Livres Aqueduct what a sight … I’m hoping to see more of it tomorrow.


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