Friday 8 July … Lisbon

Hit the town running …

A summer day, beautiful blue skies you get that feeling it’s going to be hot. The Metro was busy as we headed to the centre of town. The aim was go to the Elevator de Santa Justa we were 5th in the queue for the day. The lift goes up 7 floors … 47m; today it is a tourist attraction, however in it’s day was a main thoroughfare for locals to get up the steepest Lisbon.The views were great on the clear day we have, the construction and architecture is another visiting attraction built by an apprentice of Gustav Eiffel (Eiffel’s name has been remembered all throughout Portugal in terms of bridge constructions). On the top level is the ruins of the old Church of the convent of Santa Maria do Carmo and the Archaeological Museum. Lisbon was almost flattened in 1755 by an earthquake which followed by large fires. The remains of the church is now a tourist attraction, the church and museum were well worth the visit. Back down on the street, a walking tour group is just starting … I can hear the guide speaking English … giving the opening blurb … we ask to join … we were going to have breakfast … oh well …

We join the group and visit local monuments and learn more history. What is a walking tour without a visit from the Mayor of Lisbon? He just happened to be outside his office and upstaged our tour guide with more history. The tour wound up at 2pm. What a way to fill a day. It’s gotten quite hot … 38C as we grab any shade in the streets as we head back for a swim the hotel pool.

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