Wednesday 8 March … Caiguna to Mundrabilla

A lovely night in my tent, although I had to share 😉.

I think I had the shortest shower of all time this morning … anybody who knows me, knows I like my showers … 5 sec to wet myself, tap off … soap up then < 1 min to wash off!  That’s something for me!!!

I met the 2 cyclists, and they are from Quebec, Canada (French). 2 guys, ones 50th birthday experience … ridden from Cairns and heading to Perth via Esperance. Then they will try and get a ride to Port Augusta and cycle through the centre to Darwin, then home … what a marathon!!

A proposed shorter drive today heading to Eucla. Perfect conditions … cloudy, low 20s even a shower of rain to clean the windscreen.  Caiguna for a coffee and a hole of the longest golf course and a very interesting breakfast menu.

Wikicamps app is amazing … giving all the rest stops and points of interest.  It’s offline, so very useful.  We stopped at the Madura caves by recommendation of wiki reviews. However, there was mention of a death adder … yes, I saw that, so my cave exploration came to a halt … no way was I venturing down the caves to meet his family.

Our proposed destination was Eucla, but wiki reviews said Mundrabilla was a better place for a cooked meal and camping … so here we are in the middle of nowhere all set up in the dust.  A bit of a false alarm … thought I’d lost the tent pegs … looked under the tent, not there, so John had to retrieve the big tent pegs … it turned out I had a ‘man’s look’ found them under the tent … whew!!!


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