Thurs 9 Mar … Mundrabilla to Ceduna

Less than an hour and we are in Eucla diverting off towards the Old Telegraph Station ruins, the beach is a half hour walk over the sand dunes, we take the challenge. The beach is deserted and pristine … the remains of the old Eucla Jetty is a great prop for photos. It’s an amazing day, high cloud cover, little wind, the water is still quite warm as we take a dip.

Onward to the state border and we travel close to the coast with amazing views of the Great Australian Bight. Lots of side roads to stop at.

Ahead we drive through little outback roadhouses … and a small stretch of ‘the Nullarbor’ meaning no trees. Destined to Ceduna we travel through bush then farmland … the odd sheep in paddocks, the quarantine check point took the rest of my home grown cherry tomatoes of which I had spent the afternoon munching on them while at the wheel.

Driving into Ceduna, I have childhood memories of the tall Norfolk Island pine trees lining the streets when we were kids with Mum, Dad, 3 siblings and Nanna on our way to Perth in the middle of summer in some sort of a Holden sedan with a trailer, dirt roads and tenting .. ahh! that’s where I get it from!!!

Today we put up the big tent as we are staying 2 nights, remarkably easy set up. The local pub by the jetty a perfect setting for dinner as the sun sets … we are in civilisation at last.


1 thought on “Thurs 9 Mar … Mundrabilla to Ceduna

  1. As expected I enjoyed reading ur trip so far. Vicarious travel for me at the moment. Photos are simply stunning! What a beautiful country that we live in. 💕 Looking forward to keeping up with ur blog. Safe travels.


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