Tues 14 Mar … Streaky Bay day tripping

Where’s Wally … it’s like orchid spotting … you see the first one then you see them all. Spotting sea lions.

If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought I’d be on the Nullarbor … the country is very dry.

We are on our way to Point Labatt to see the sea lion colony. It is notable as one of the largest Australian mainland breeding sites for Australian sea lions. A viewing platform is on top of a cliff and we watch the colony below basking in granite rock and frolicking in the rock pools.

Our next stop is Sceale Bay. There is no wind and the bay is still, we walk along the granite rocks and find a lovely beach for a swim in the fresh, clear water, something out of a tour brochure.

The public toilet is worth a visit, ‘a room with a view’ a window overlooking the bay … a must see.

Onward just around the coast about 3km to Surfers Beach, another idyllic long beach deserving a swim. Small long waves in the shallow crystal clear waters and white sand. Such a lovely day for the beach today. The camping park is extremely hot on our return … maybe the wind over the last few days wasn’t that bad.

A night approaches, so does the wind … are we taking off???


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