Wed 15 Mar … Streaky Bay to Elliston

Lost in Translation ... 

'This holiday I want to go slow so we can see all the beaches along the way', she said.

'Why are we being overtaken by a caravan?'

'We have all day' he said.

But you don't have to drive sooo slow.

There are many ‘best $ I’ve spent’ moments … another is a gift for John … screw in tent pegs … I have claimed them … give a girl a drill!

A lovely day today exploring the rugged coastline as we head to Elliston.

Our first stop at Murphy’s Haystacks, out in a paddock are huge granite boulders.

Off to Port Kenny a very short jetty on Venus Bay and nothing much else, the hotel has a claim to fame with great meals and prices.

The South Head Walking Trail, at Venus Bay, great views of the coastline of bay and ocean. The crystal clear waters still blow me away.

Talia Caves, walking on large granite rocks, rock pools and the roaring waves.

Colten Bakehouse renowned for sticky buns and bread baked in a scottish wood fired oven. It operates via a roadside cash only honesty system, we were lucky to get some buns … bread was sold out. The best about this place is the reviews on Wikicamps. The buns were pretty good too .

Off to Elliston for 2 nights, a grassed site easy up for tent, no wind today.

We go to the jetty on the changing of the guards … the afternoon fishers are just walking out at 7pm and we are alone, ‘That was a dog barking, John? He turned around to see a sea lion poke it’s head up and look at us. He swims around, attracting our attention for a while, then evening fishers start to arrive, picking their ‘spot’ on the jetty.

What a great day … a lot cooler here and no wind … the tent will be much more comfortable tonight.


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