Sun 19 Mar … Port Lincoln

When the smallest things excite you … we succumbed to K-Mart yesterday and bought a $1 dustpan and brush … joy!!

A drizzly morning; a good time to explore the National Park.  It’s a Sunday and the Information Centre is open a great shopping strip on the foreshore bustling with people at the many cafes tucking into breakfast. A different scene today as the leggings and jumpers are out. We find a french patisserie and indulge. There is also an Arts and Crafts market in the Civic Centre … It’s all happening here on a Sunday.

The drizzle stops as we drive stopping at bays and beaches through the National Park. It’s cloudy with glimpses of sun and windy, however, depending on which side of the Penninsula you are at.

Not to forget the hike to the lookout of the Matthew Flinders Memorial with stunning 360° views.

A short ride to the Marina via the Parnkalla Trail, many wrong turns indicative of a marina’s maze of roads and waterways. We finally found the large fleet of fishing boats and the Marina Hotel, ‘Do you want a drink?’, ‘Yeah, why not’ seated on the boardwalk with lovely views … $10 … 2 drinks … it must be happy hour!! John was very happy!!!

Port Lincoln is the largest commercial fishing fleet in the Southern Hemisphere; with prawn, tuna, mussel, and lobster boats docked in the Marina. I wonder what this place would be like at 4am? … I don’t think I’ll ever know somehow.

It’s got really windy so much so that the awning comes down for tonight … John will have fun in the night when he gets up, trying to navigate the multiple zippers to get out of the tent 🤣🤣🤣


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