Sat 18 Mar … Coffin Bay to Port Lincoln

A short 40km drive to Port Lincoln but first we need to go to Almonta Beach, the lady in the caravan park said it was the best in Australia, according to her. Well the morning is perfect, no wind. Through the National Park with amazing views of the coastline. The last 500m was a rocky track, ‘watch that hole!!!’

‘OMG … this is beautiful’, as we head over the sand hill and see the most amazing … long!!! … beach. ‘I might just wet my feet’ says John, within five minutes we are both submerged in the crystal clear water.

True to her word … it is a very impressive beach.

Childhood memories of the early ’70s when two families went to Katherine, NT camping, hearing that Edith Falls was a great place, us in the Toyota Crown Station Wagon along very rough roads we made it. My Dad and his mate were both not game to abandon. It was beautiful (I’ve been there since … it’s a sealed road now) … I still have memories of that rough road.

Another wow moment as we head over a hill to see Pt Lincoln … the blue water and islands/penninsula ahead.

Oh no!, a roundabout; K-Mart, traffic lights – get me out of here!! The direction to the caravan park takes us out of the ‘hub’, and we are overlooking the bay with beautiful views … we’ll probably get blown away tonight.

I have carried these Aldi pots around and never used them, voila! Quietly John is shaking his head as we go into a fish retailer, I walk out with fresh King George Whiting fillets and shelled prawns. ‘Okay, John, we can pan fry the fish and add garlic to the prawns’

After a coastal walk, to the camp kitchen … pretty nice dinner if I say so myself.


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