Sat 25 Mar … Moonta Bay

We ate an apple, then had a pasty … does that count for a traditional oggie?

A golden hue as the sun lights up the sky … 7am and to the jetty for sunrise … a few brave souls out throwing a line … a squid on the jetty, as I power walk by, greeting the fishers.

A quick walk/jog along the beach a few out with their dogs.

The park was busy last night as the oldies left, I think the average age has dropped considerably … younger ones with young families; perhaps the townies making the most of good weather before Easter. 1hr later, and toddlers are busy on their bikes.

A ride into Moonta, the town must be a contender for a ‘Tidy Town’ award. The shop facades all look like they have had a rustic makeover.

Moonta’s claim to fame is copper mining, in it’s heyday in the mid 1800’s the mines employed Cornish immigrants. Today there are 2 bakeries boasting their Cornish Pasties. We tried one today from the Cornish Kitchen, very nice, tomorrow we’ll try an authentic pasty from the ‘Taste of Yorke’ half apple and half vegetables. Yes that’s what they did.

A ride to a Miners Cottage and Heritage Garden and walking trail of location of original mine shafts and tailings dump.

Down to Port Hughes South Beach … yes the tourist info book was right, long beach, white sand, pristine clear water. It takes a while to get deep enough, so we lay in waist deep water it is still at a good temperature for swimming.


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