Sun 26 Mar … Moonta Bay

It would have to be pretty damn good to beat this!!! …

… that was me a few weeks ago as I did my 2/3 days a week summer ritual of early morning walk/jog and swim at Leighton Beach, North Fremantle.

I’m walking as the first light appears from Moonta Bay to Port Hughes along the beach. The tide is on it’s way out; soon to expose great expanses of white sand and shallow pools. A young fisher point … warning me of his line out as I duck under the rod. A man with a newspaper under his arm, his dog just chased a few gulls in the shallows … that would have been a good picture. It’s overcast; rain is on the way tomorrow.

Port Hughes jetty is bustling with fishers, a few squid have been caught. I back track to return to Moonta Bay … this is certainly a great place, it ticks a lot of boxes … maybe I’m a bit parochial about Leighton Beach.

Moonta Jetty is buzzing with excitement as squid is being caught, a big flathead (I’m sure I saw it yesterday when I was snorkelling; camouflaged in the weed).

A ride into town and aboard the Historic Railway Tourist Train. Great way to learn about the copper mining industry.

After a swim, we venture onto the Jetty, water crystal clear as we watch squid and a crab being caught … where else in the world would I like to be.


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