Tues 28 Mar … Point Turton

It’s better on the bike …

A short shower of rain after a bacon and egg breakfast … it’s John’s birthday today.

The new telescopic tent poles are working their magic already as we adjust them to get a run off with the rain. I got a new app on my phone .. compass and spirit level … so now I’m making sure the awning poles are 100° vertical … John just shakes his head … yes, I’m a bit anal … but I’m having fun!!!

The rain stops and we head off on the Walk the Yorke trail on our bikes … there is quite a bit of sharing with the dirt road as we hug the coast, lovely coastline, however the overcast skies don’t bring out the natural beauty of the colours of the sea today.

After a pub meal of squid schnitzel and mixed seafood: fillet and salt and pepper squid … we shared. We found a vantage point to see the sunset. Then off to the jetty to see the catch of the evening. 2 big stringrays and several small ones were seen. A small Port Jackson shark feeding on fish carcasses. Earlier a couple of playful dolphins were around.


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