Wed 29 Mar … Point Turton

Gone fishin … no time for wordle, quordle, octordle …

A lovely sunrise … how could I not get up to see that golden glow as it lights the sky between the clouds.

A great morning bay hopping around the coast, a mix of long beaches, coves and rocky cliffs. This is such a wonderfully picturesque coastline … lots of ‘wow’ moments, adjectives like stunning, amazing, incredible and oodles of pics. We even stopped for a swim at a gorgeous tiny cove; clean white sand and the clearest of water. We pinch ourselves regularly.

Back to base with a purchase of a hand reel rigged for squid. The jetty only has a few fishers with their rods and tackle bags for their catch. I’m feeling a little insecure with only my hand reel and a plastic bag stuffed into my shorts back pocket. I sidle myself up near a young guy with a pre schooler with a rod .. he’s got more chance than me, I think.

John appears and we laugh about if I caught a squid … shortly after, I learn the perils of squid fishing … the jet propulsion of ink … yuck on my leg, my new hiking shoes ugh!!!! Haha … it was still rather fun when I hear ‘she’s caught it on a hand line!!!’ No other successes on the jetty when I leave … I’m still laughing. Im hoping to get a mate for a meal tomorrow night.


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