Sun 2 Apr … Marion Bay

When 6am means 6am … daylight saving has finished, yay!. Still trying to work out if its a 23 or 25hr day.

A cold wind here on the east this morning as the park empties from the weekenders.

Solution is to go west.  Back to the National Park to Royston Head Hike.  Lots of WOW moments here this morning.  For once I am quiet, I’m on the look out for some local animals … David Attenborough style.  Sign language as we see some emus trotting through the bush.  The track is so pretty through sandhills covered with low bushes of all shades of green.  It would be great when it is all in flower.  In the distance, the cliffs, bays and beaches setting off some wonderful scenery.  Two ears poking up followed by the little face of a kangaroo (I picture in my mind a donkey orchid) maybe we should rename it. There are 2 roos only a couple of metres away and not bothered by us as I take a pic. 

Over the sandhills and ‘voila!’; a sight to behold, this is Wow, stunning, amazing … all the positive adjectives you can imagine.  We are sooo lucky.  We scramble down the trail on the edges of the cliff.  It is stunning, the contrast in colours, the little island, coves and beach below … such an amazing walk.

We thought we had stayed 1 day too long, however today we have slowed down and sapped in the beauty of this National Park.

Back to West End Beach … now that is a beach!!! The stairs down are never ending.  The beach walk goes on and on.  Waves crashing before us as we trudge through the soft sand, we have the whole beach to ourselves, nobody dare, they just look from the top and take a pic, probably on a day park entry and seeing the sights quickly.  We bought a 2 month SA National Park Pass and we are getting our monies worth.


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