Sat 1 Apr … Marion Bay

‘Did you bring your book?’ she says,  ‘No, I forgot, maybe I’ll just watch the dolphins’, he says … we both laugh

Oh, the weather has started to turn, a little cooler and quite a strong wind this morning. I’m busy looking at google maps and willyweather, trying to fathom out the best wind protected place to go. Dolphin Beach came up trumps. Firstly the opposite direction to see the Kangaroo Island lookout, very rugged coast, clambering up rocks and cliffs, windy but we were rewarded with the scenery.

The plan was to take our book to Dolphin Beach and sit on the rocks. I suppose you want to walk to the end of the beach? Another rhetorical question, off we go, it’s remarkably different without the wind. Within minutes a pair of dorsel fins break the water. Look dolphins!!! We walked the length of the beach following the dolphins as they were hunting. John clapping his thongs together and whistled … I’m not sure what he was thinking, Flipper or calling a dog 🤔??

Back at the start of the beach 5 emus heading towards our bags, ‘I’m glad I zipped my bag up!’

For a day that could have been uneventful, it turned out well.


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