Mon 10 Apr … Jamestown to Parachilna Gorge free camp

I’m feeling anxious … I’m too far from the coast …

After a sultry weekend, the sun is beaming with vivid blue skies as we go towards the Flinders Ranges.  Great little towns bursting with Easter getawayers, tents, caravans.  Lovely little towns offering walking and bike trails along gorges, through forests and up mountains. Something for everyone out for a bit of adventure. A wonderful painted silo at Wirrabar. Too early for the brewery, but a Brewery Tree red gum tree approx 300yo at Melrose. Kate from Rustikate’s Feedlot in Wilmington trying to perfect her pumpkin and feta triangles … I tell her she has nailed it as I take a bite. The outstanding art by Jeff Morgan in Hawker.

A show stopper as we approach Woodshed Flats, cars parked on the roadside. Just when I thought the world stopped to watch dolphins in the river or ocean, or ducks crossing the road.  But no!!! Today it is the Pichi Richi Steam train, we stop along with many others to watch the engine change on its way back to Quorn with a hiss and a puff.

Parachilna was closed so onwards towards Blinman at Parachilna Gorge (dry) … wild camping at its best … no phone coverage, the hiking tent and no electricity … bliss. Walks and hills to climb. We are surrounded by very old river gums.


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