Tue 11 Apr … Wilpena Pound

Great wild camping night … up to climb the hill above us with magnificent views.  Meandering through the Flinders Ranges ‘will this be like the Dolomites?’, we stop and do a bit of the Blinman Pools Walk along the dry river bed adorned with very old river gums and cypress pines. What would it be like after some rain?

Great underground mine tour and pub lunch speciality of Pie, chips, salad and Pegleg Pint.

The population of 26 has increased here in Blinman, people bustling around and huge greetings, a merchandise area at the pub … tomorrow is the Irrational South 200 & 100 Miler … a running event.

All eyes on the road from Blinman to Wilpena Pound; we have come across a shower of rain and the kangaroos are out enjoying the water collection on the road 13 in the space of 10 minutes. Thankfully there was no carnage. Wilpena Pound camping amongst the trees a beautiful setting.


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