Thu 13 Apr … Ikara

Last chance for an echidna …

I’m so glad the lady at reception suggested the Mount Ohlssen Bagge hike. 2.7km at the turn off … 5.4km return … umm … what will we do this afternoon this is just a bit more than a morning walk at home.

‘Okay John, we are on the lookout again for’ … I spread my fingers out wide, my sign for echidna. It’s a clear morning beautiful blue sky, a lovely contrast with the red rocky mountains before us.

Today we are more exposed as we pass low shrubs, small grass trees thankful its not windy. The red dusty track turns into rocky steps as we start climbing; following the yellow markers.

The gradient increases and at times, we shimmy up the rock face. We reach the first ridge … I’m thinking ‘are we there’ but a sign points ahead with a 1.6km to go. I look up at the top of a mountain ahead and laugh, ‘that is where we are headed!’ it seems funny … no way would we be climbing up there!

We have found a couple to climb with, they are about similar ages and fitness … the time goes by much quicker when you are talking to new acquaintances.

Look!!! Wow …. I’m excited to see a cute little echidna, not bothered at all by us, he’s more interested in the tiny ants he’s sniffing out with his long pointy nose and giving the ground a dig.

That has made my day!! I’ve had a joke that I’m not leaving here until I’ve seen an echidna.

The climbing continues and ends at the top of the mountain that I had laughed about. There is nothing higher around. The 360° views are breathtaking … photos would never capture this view. It’s a great little gathering at the top, lots of oh and ah’s, snack breaks for personal achievements. Lots of little kids looking quite refreshed.

What a hike … capturing the views as we descend. A few on their way up asking, ‘Are we there yet?’ … ‘Just keep going … it’s worth it,’ I say.


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