Wed 12 Apr … Wilpena Pound/Ikara

On the search for an echidna …

What a campsite!!! Gums and cypress pines, a great bush setting, we are in the Flinders Ranges National Park.  Camping is definitely in vogue, lots of camper trailers and tents in the non powered section.

The gloomy wet, windy weather has abated and a clear day with winds dropping in the afternoon.

Several walks on offer today, we choose the Wangarra Lookout. ‘How old must some of these trees be?’ The riverbed is abundant with river gums … they have been through a lot and some lucky to have survived drought and fire over their life time.

The tracks today attract a variety of ages, so many young families with little tackers in tow. We start climbing to the lookout, that’s not windy it’s extreme!!! The view are amazing.

After a couple of hours … still no sign of an echidna. Sad face!!

Lying on your back and pedalling is supposed to attract emus. Well John gave it a go today as we were riding on a track … 4 emus walking away from us. He put it to the test and sure enough they turned around and walked towards him. I wonder if he can do his magic with echidnas.

We have the Ultra runners passing through tonight … I think I’ll be zzzz.


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