Miyazaki to Hyuga – 12 April

We’ve done it again … haha no wifi

This time John was conned looking for a seaview room. However it is a Friday and we are on the coast which is popular for surfers so accommodation was at a premium. We are at a guesthouse with traditional room with futons – I sort of like that style every now and then.

A bit of rain overnight; cloudy this morning – no rain … we’re lucky again.

A 66km ride through flat open agricultural areas – mainly rice paddies – I’m blown away by the rice paddies – I just love the Japanese rice, short grain it sticks together, perfect for chopsticks, but not gluggy.

We ventured near the coast on a nice, flat, quiet road we were directed by a surf beach sign the rice paddies are right by the beach the a small amount of bush so we couldn’t see the beach. Then out of the blue we were heralded by a man waving at us – we finally thought he was trying to get our attention so we stopped, he caught up and said,

‘Do you want to come to a party?’

We were flabbergasted, out of nowhere he’s wanting to party. It seems that they will finish planting the rice today and having a celebration afterwards and we were invited. Unfortunately are accommodation was about 10km away. His English was very good and said he’d been to Australia a few times.

Meanwhile at our guesthouse, we have the beach at our doorstep – the waves are rolling in as we sit on a rock, enjoy a beer and wait for our washing (in a washing machine) to finish – there is no question of getting the washing dry tonight.

We are 7km from Hyuga – just the guesthouse/restaurant and a convenience store across the road. We eat at the restaurant watching 2 lone surfers attempt to catch a wave. I ordered fried fish, sashima, miso soup, rice set. A feast for under AUD$15 – I’ve never tried sashimi before – it was nice; the fried fish delicious along with the miso and rice.

As a side note … Hotels

They come equipped with everything, apart from the standard soap, we have shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, hairbrush, shower cap, hairdryer and more at some. Why am I lugging 1kg+ of toiletries around … just in case …

Most with a yukata (cotton komono) which I love wearing!!

Fridge, kettle, tea (sometimes no coffee). Most hotels have microwave ovens and presses for guest’s use.

The beds are interesting of all sizes – small double; standard double; a queen and of course who knows what at a ‘Love Hotel’. We’ve had some very close nights in bed.

On arrival yesterday I was offered a freebie ‘Bright Essence Sheet Mask’ umm … I wonder; I am in my cycling gear checking into the hotel; ridden just shy of 70km and 59 years old … what are they telling me? Or was that a ‘no wifi’ softener? 🤦‍♀

I’m hoping to post pics when I get a good wifi connection.


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