Hyuga to Saiki – 13 April

PS – all pics are now uploaded for 11&12 April.

I hear the pitter patter of feet on the floor from other rooms this morning … we open the curtains at 6am – what a glorious day … surfs up, well for those that dare, and there are several surfers catching what waves there is.

We have a long 90km ride in hills – not too sure what to expect, we take off at 7:45am.

No accommodation booked at this stage for Saiki – we pass by a hotel chain and stop and ask if they can book us in their Saiki hotel … I love Google translate … a phone call and we are done … pressure off.

A good flat ride to start – nice coastal views more beaches with surfers enjoying the morning – before we know it we had covered 30km – a stop at 7-11 for coffee and refuel.

We cut into the hills and at awe at how pretty it is – a few roads that lead to expressways and then we almost have the road to ourselves. Tree covered hills around us and river below – some serene views – the river is so crystal clear we see some fish. The kms melt away – climbing is just steady so we enjoy the serenity. We go through too many tunnels to count, as we weave through the hills.

Finally a long descent and we are at the hotel in record time at 1:45pm.

Over the last 2 days (travelling by the coast) we have come across lots of signs for Tsunami evacuation locations.

Only in Japan …

The 5pm bell –

A few places we have been to have music playing from loudspeakers in the streets … sometimes at 12pm or 5pm … the music sounds familiar but I can’t place it … upon further research I found some information on this clink on the link to find more.


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