Finding Dory Fuji

I don’t think John ever believed that today was going to be so rainy – I had been following the weather pattern since we got here and check weather reports daily. I hate a wasted day so was waking up all night listening if it was raining …

It was raining and very steady and heavy … our hotel is only 3 weeks old everything is nice and new … rooms and foyers have nice artwork. The floors are shiny porcelain tiles. A spa/sauna great spacious dining room for breakfasts and a separate bar area with comfy lounges and tables and chairs … there could be worse places to be held up in wet weather.

Breakfast this morning was amazing; miso soup, rice, several salads, small frankfurters, amazing vegie curry sauce, fried noodles, scrambled eggs, bread, good coffee and plenty of it all.

By 1pm the rain stopped and we ventured to the station … the bus to Mt Fuji is not operating today due to the weather … the sky is clearing in patches and we look up and see a glimpse of the mountain but not for long before it disappears.

The sky continues to clear but heavy clouds hang around Fuji we get on the bikes and cross the bridge – the sun eliminates the hills with various shades of green. The lake is stunning and tranquil … we watch a lake tour boat. The clouds break through to tease us with a small glimpse of Mt Fuji. All good I’m sure tomorrow will see a good view of the mountain as we head towards Tokyo.


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