Kawaguchi to Tachikawa – Wednesday 22 May

It’s all downhill … just a little spike …

A mostly cloudy day … great breakfast and off again. Mt Fuji was still asleep … we were hoping for a view but it didn’t happen. All was behind us as we descended through the valley with mountains close by. It was very pretty through the mountains, river, a few rice paddies and vegetable gardens. I’m a sucker for reflections in rice paddies. Komoot took us on backroads which was a nice break from the pitted road and many trucks today. Although there were a few times that the main road got our vote.

The towns just blended into each other. Lots of bridges and spectacular views across the river deep down below us. The river was flowing quite rapidly … did the rain yesterday have much effect

Some nice bridges and hilltop settlements, stunning views. There was an opportunity to go by the main road or Komoot, we chose Komoot.

‘I hope I don’t live to regret this, John’, I say.

Down we went to the river – lovely views … but the main road was above us! Sure enough we had to make the ascent in switchbacks. It was a lovely forest road and good climbs … I think it’s all relative now … no pain – just take it slowly and enjoy. We finally reach the main road and once again have wonderful views of the river and mountains deep down below. We are hoping for a shopping centre for a bakery lunch … fat chance! The towns are small before we start climbing again.

‘I think this is the spike, John!, I say,

He replies, I thought we had the ‘spike’ on several occasions before!

After many swichbacks and hoping for a tunnel that didn’t happen we scaled the mountain unfortunately we were on the wrong side of the road to capture a complete view – the descent was great then a 2km long tunnel … the landscape immediately changed from a forest environment to a large cityscape.

My thoughts were ‘take me back!’ I was loving the natural environment!

We are now on the outskirts of Tokyo – high density living – a huge railway precinct surrounded by shops and restaurants and people.


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