Thursday 5 May … Barcelona

It’s good to get off the bike and be a tourist … sometimes

How convenient … John had to borrow some anklet socks … a walk out of the hotel and there in front of us was a morning market setting up. 2€ later and he has 3 pair of socks and some for me too … I was looking forward to a shop at Uniqlo though.

Plan for the day was to catch the Metro … so proud of our achievements … such seasoned travellers … purchased day tickets. John was just reminiscing about buskers on trains when at the next station a busker came on and entertained as with his song. On our return some violinists came on board … a nice touch,

Off to our first destination – La Rambla to go through the Mercat de la Boqueria. A feast for all about food, the utmost attention to presentation. I just can’t get enough of it … an array of colours of the produce.

We are pleased this is not peak season as there was plenty of opportunity to take pics without too many people in the way.

Next we are back onto the Metro to Espanya station on our way to see Font Magica and Montjuic. Font Magica is an amazing series of waterfalls and fountains at the foot of a museum and further on the castle at Montjuic. A series of steps and escalators then a long walk on paths and lovely gardens. Finally at the top to have an amazing view of the city and harbour, we are pretty happy with the view so decline to take the cable car.

A long way back then to the Barcelona Arena now converted to a commercial centre. This was home to bullfighting … umm it sort of looks familiar of my last visit in 1978 when I attended a bullfight here. It’s nice to see they have kept the original facade … the 5 floors are now shops, cinemas and restaurants. Great views from the top floor where you can walk around the surrounds.

Save the best to last … back to the Font Magica for 9pm for a synchronised fountain display with music.


3 thoughts on “Thursday 5 May … Barcelona

  1. Sounds great Sue. It is lovely to be able to sightsee with few other travellers. We use to get out early to avoid the crowds, but sometimes it isn’t possible.


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