Friday 6 May … Barcelona to Calella

Don’t always listen to the locals particularly (with respect) elderly men who aren’t on a bike; however later in the afternoon a young man directed us via a nudist beach.

A good start out … we have riden this way several times but garmin has frozen eekk. We stop to double check and are confronted by the elderly man … bless his cotton socks trying to help, so off we went on his advice and did a total loop … 4km later we pick up the coastal route joining EuroVelo 8. The beaches were wide and the path was so close at times I could put my leg out and nearly get a splash as the waves crashed against the rocks.

The whole day was filled with sunny clear weather perfect for cycling; a mix of sandy long beaches, rocky edges and many marinas. The water was sparkling in azure blue … I was looking for Rottnest Island.

With garmin out of action I missed a few turns and we ended up going through market garden wholesalers – I’ve never seen so many hothouse and nursery’s in one region. Back on track – the further we went the more spectacular the coast became. Just before we reach Calella we left the coast to venture over coastal hills; small climbs with spectacular views of the beaches below. Our accommodation is on the beach. The whole town is just hotels and holiday apartments.

It was great to get out of the city and into some very easy riding. The roads are very clean and traffic not heavy. Booked into the hotel I have access to WiFi and unfreeze garmin … a quick google search and find that the has actually tracked today’s ride in kms but not tracked it … better than nothing … fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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