Thur 6 Mar … Elliston

It’s better on a bike …

Lovely day with a short 20km ride to see the Cliff Top Drive sculptures.  An attraction to the town.  We meander along the limestone roads with majestic views. Every few hundred metres, another sculpture to keep the tourists entertained. A table and chairs with shelter at one site.  Was this put there for the surfies? It looks like a popular surfing break. A lone surfer relaxing at the table; about 5 others way below waiting for their wave.  2 dogs eager for us and others to throw a stick placed strategically at our feet.  They must belong to the surfers. One surfer scrambles up the rocks how they get up, who knows, he’s probably been up and down these rocks for years.

Another sculpture, time to eat the vanilla slice we’d bought at the bakery, we sit on the edge of a cliff long enough to see a sea lion playing in the waters below.

Another short ride and swim at Little Bay, just minutes away from where we are camped.


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