Fri 17 Mar … Elliston to Coffin Bay

A great day … easy to pack up and a hot day.  A short 140km to Coffin Bay the reviews are amazing; best of the Penninsula in terms of beaches and oysters.

On the way we pass some drystone walling …

Drystone Walling
Located 22 km south of Elliston is an interesting sample of the drystone walling which was common in the area in the nineteenth century. It appears likely that the stonewalls were built by Chinese shepherds who arrived in the area after the European shepherds had left to seek their fortune on the Victorian goldfields. An excellent example of drystone walling is located at the parking bay near Tungatta Lakes. This wall was reputedly built by prisoners under the direction of a Trooper Harte and was used as a sentence for hard labour. The Tungatta Police Station, which would have house Harte and his workers, was completed in 1849.

An oyster tour … this will be interesting … we don the waders the deeper we go in the water … ‘oh!! I’m getting a wedgie’ the water pressure.  We are at a pontoon, learning about the region and oysters, how to shuck and to eat.  Surprisingly they were pretty nice.

Out of the waders and on shore it’s very hot so off to a beach … you got it … it’s called Long Beach, not sure how it got its name.  It is ‘long’ but also a ‘long’ way to get to deep water.  It was lovely and refreshing, crystal clear.


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