Thurs 30 Mar … Marion Bay

‘You’ll like that … you can go for your morning beach walk while I lay in bed’, he said, … You bet I will!!!

More wows today as we set up camp in Marion Bay and the beach of about 100m … the tide was out, exposing a lovely sandy beach.

I bbq’d my squid for lunch … I just have to refine the cooking process … that means more fishing.

What a great day … nothing stressful, beach walks a short ride, dinner at the tavern … for some strange reason the jetty is lacking fishers, I ‘threw a line’ earlier for about 30 mins … nothing happening.

The tavern lived up to reviews excellent meals. I was expecting a lot of wind today, however it’s 8.30pm and no wind at all … an early morning beach walk swim is on the cards for me tomorrow.

What a nice place!!


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