Fri 31 Mar … Innes National Park

Up to see the sunrise over the water today … 1 other couple on the beach waiting for the right moment to get snapping.

We spent the day looking at coves, lighthouses, beaches and on walking trails in the Innes National Park.

The rugged coastline mixed with the sandy beaches and tranquil waters gave us the most stunningly breathtaking scenery today.

Reminders of the thriving community of Inneston in the early 1900’s when gypsum was mined and loaded onto ships.

A refreshing swim at Dolphin Bay (minus the dolphins), but we did see some fauna … emus, kangaroos and a bobtail lizard.

We thank our lucky stars that the weather was sunny and it wasn’t windy, with the exception of brief 5 minute shower.

The rest is in my pics.


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